Hog Roast Creetown

Hog Roast CreetownEvents are a time to go all out and enjoy the best that dining has to offer. Your event dining experience should deliver something more than you might get at home; like the event itself it should exude style and quality, while also providing some entertainment value and a unique experience. With Hog Roast Creetown your event dining experience can be just that.

With Hog Roast Creetown you’re getting something a bit different from your usual run of the mill caterer; we provide a speciality of traditionally made hog roasts using the authentic methods of old in our genuine spit roaster that ensures both exquisite taste and added spectacle for your events in Creetown. Our valued catering services are a treat of every occasion, so whether you’re in for a wedding, corporate function, social club night, anniversary, birthday, festival or more be sure to bring Hog Roast Creetown into the fold – you won’t regret it!

Our namesake hog roast brings exquisite taste and texture to your event, as well as one hell of an exciting cooking experience. The unique hog roast cooking style is a treat for all the senses, cooking for hours in a spectacular display of aromatic and fiery brilliance, and delivering perfect crisp and tender roast results. For your event we start early in the day to freshly prepare and slow roast your foods to an absolute perfection of juicy flavour and meaty charred texturing, locking in every bit of spicing and salty goodness of the delicious pork skin. We can serve up your roast in a variety of styles to match your event and tastes!

Culinary Creativity In Creetown

Hog Roast CreetownHog Roast Creetown is here to feed all in a variety of styles. For your event choose from many quality meaty sides, vegan mains, vegetarian canapes, and gluten-free subs to complement your showstopping spit roast centrepiece.. For every type of event we can also offer informal and formal dining options, outdoor or indoor service, a classic roast or a barbecue menu, the tastes of the American south or the tastes of the Mediterranean, a drinks and canapes service or just the dinner time delight. Whatever your wants Hog Roast Creetown can help to make your event yours!

So don’t hang around – Hog Roast Creetown is taking bookings now so call today!