Hog Roast New Abbey

Hog Roast New AbbeyWith Hog Roast New Abbey you’re not getting your run of the mill event catering; we’re making the event dining experience a stylish occasion once again with a range of fresh, quality foods and a novel hog roast guaranteed to make your catering an event! Our events always offer something different for our customers, giving them a stylish spectacle that packs in quality and entertainment to the dining table experience. With our namesake hog roast the dining experience starts well beyond your guests are seated at their table, as this authentic style of roasting starts early in the day and adds a wonderful, entirely unique, display to the occasion with its aromatic, traditional culinary brilliance. The hog roast has fed events across many cultures all over the globe for centuries, so why not yours too today!

Our very own mobile hog roaster recreates the traditional fire pit spectacle of the hog roast while also allowing for more versatility and efficiency on the grill, making us one of the best for event cooking. It cooks fresh at your event until ready for serving, as it comes out hot and ready teeming with exuberant tastes and incredible, crisp and tender textures.

For the village of New Abbey we have the best in stylish event dining. We can handle any occasion with these perfect slow cookers, so for your weddings, small private dinners, 100-person corporate functions, village-wide festivals or more bring Hog Roast New Abbey into the fold today!

Bespoke Dining In New Abbey

Hog Roast New AbbeyHot roasts, Italian platters, fresh salads, barbecued skewers, perfectly roasted new potatoes, your favourite barbecued items made gourmet, every roast meat under the sun – these are just some of the things you could be enjoying at your next event with Hog Roast Abbey. Our event catering is designed to be flexible to a wide variety of events, regardless of their size or style. For your event we’ll cater indoors or out, formally or informally, with set-dining or buffet style, with multiple menus or just the one. Whatever you want it is yours at an affordable price with us!

Don’t just take our word for it though, call Hog Roast New Abbey today and bring special dining to your next event!