Hog Roast Sandhead

Hog Roast SandheadWhat’s better than a good old fashioned meaty roast, huh? Not much that we can think of here at Hog Roast Sandhead, and so we thought why not bring the old tried and true British favourite to events all across the nation for a stylish event catering experience. Hog Roast Sandhead are the nation’s number one hog roast caterer; our prized hog roast and our unique dining service ensures a stylish occasion for your event, one that will have all impressed and most certainly well fed!

Our business is in top quality – right from the service of our staff, through to the meat we source and the way in which we prepare, cook, and serve it to you and your lovely guests. With our updated take on the age-old hog roast your food comes to an almighty level of taste and texture assured to impress. Traditionally the hog roast has been enjoyed at events and celebrations, typically cooked upon a spit over fire, however at Hog Roast Sandhead we recognise that such a cooking style might not seem feasible at many modern events.

Thankfully, however, our own designed mobile hog roasting units have allowed us to recreate the authentic hog roast style and make it a portable culinary method to take to events up and down the nation. Your event in Sandhead can benefit like many others with our stylish, spectacle-filled, dining experience that brings quality and class to the day!

Superb Servings In Sandhead

Hog Roast SandheadThe Hog Roast Sandhead dining experience brings style and quality to everything we do. Your guests will be in awe of the expertise shown by our staff and the brilliance of our meaty roasts, vegan and veggie sides, salads, platters and oh so much more! Our dishes are all prepared fresh on site to ensure the best tastes possible for your guests. We also have many serving styles to suit the aesthetic of your event. Whether that be indoor or outdoor dining, formal or informal, set-menu or buffet style, a classic roast or a gourmet barbecue, Hog Roast Sandhead has the menus and services for you!

Don’t hold out today – get calling now and bring the fine taste of Hog Roast Sandhead to your next special day!