Hog Roast Southerness

Hog Roast SouthernessAt Hog Roast Southerness we bring authentic hog roast dining experiences to your most special events in Southerness. Our goal with your event is to create a truly special dining experience for guests, one that isn’t just there to be a rudimentary part of the day, but rather one that is there to make the day an event.  With the hog roast and our selection of home cooked meals your event will be as stylish and spectacular as ever. We don’t do things by halves! All out feast for an all-out event, special just to you in Southerness!

Our renowned slow-cook hog roasting process ensures that your food is freshly cooked and brought to a perfect flavour for serving. And even before you get your hands on one of our unbeatable pork cuts, you and your guests can delight in the delicious spectacle of its fiery cooking method as the hog roaster looks as magnificent in action as it then goes on to taste! Our mobile hog roasters have allowed us to modernise the traditional hog roasting culinary method, preserving the spectacle that adds so much richness to the day while skipping over the hassle that the classic hog roast would normally have incurred. With its unique design Hog Roast Southerness can provide a one-of-a-kind dining experience for guests and really make your dining an event all of its own!

High Quality Catering For Southerness

Hog Roast Southerness The hog roast is not all that Hog Roast Southerness has to offer. Our dining comes in many forms to meet the style of just about any occasion. Whether it’s a formal black tie evening with set-course dining, or an outdoor barbecue Hog Roast Southerness has a menu and a service style to shape to the day. With plenty of meat, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options you can pick a menu that suits to your tastes. Our friendly team will be able to talk you through our large variety of options and help you to craft the menu that you want with the service style that will best serve your needs.

It’s bespoke dining made for your event specifically, so choose Hog Roast Southerness for any future events you’re planning by simply calling or messaging our team today!