Hog Roast Cairnryan

Hog Roast CairnryanEvents are a time to go all out and enjoy the best that dining has to offer. Your event dining experience should deliver something more than you might get at home. Just like the event itself, it should exude style and quality while also providing some a unique and satisfying experience. With Hog Roast Cairnryan your event dining can be just that.

We are a caterer available for all types of events in Cairnryan. Our special dish, the hog roast, brings a different kind of dining experience to your event from what you’ll find from other caterers. This dish and our specialist menu is all about bringing a touch of style and spectacle to the day, as well as of course plenty of deliciousness. Cooked in the authentic spit roast style, our hog roast is a sure-fire winner for every occasion.

We cook fresh at your event meaning guests can admire the sight of our whole pig roast as it slow roasts over 4-6 hours to a perfect golden brown crispness, complete with tender meatiness inside with plenty of flavour and all the delicious roast texturing that you crave. We’ll then serve fresh from the roaster with the hog roast being adaptable for a variety of dishes. Enjoy a whole carvery roast with all the trimmings, or a pulled pork roll for events that are a little more relaxed. We can serve up your roast in a variety of styles to match your event and tastes!

Hog Roast CairnryanCreating Event Dining Experiences In Cairnryan

Hog Roast Cairnryan delivers dining for all kinds of events. From weddings to corporate events and private parties, we can find a menu and a style of service to match your occasion. Along with our namesake roast you can find other meat roasts, barbecue menus, plenty of delicious veggie and vegan alternatives, even gluten-free options. Our Hog Roast Cairnryan team will help you to pick out the menus that best match your event and come up with a service style that best serves the day. Be it an outdoor dining service, canapes at a reception, van-style service, or a formal set menu dinner, Hog Roast Cairnryan will set up the dining experience for you.

So don’t hang around – Hog Roast Cairnryan is taking bookings now so call today!