For Cumbria we here at Hog Roast Gretna Green have your wedding eating sorted. For the special day in your life you need a dining experience that is just a special. The Hog Roast Gretna Green catered experience ensures just that; our specialist roasting services and high-quality catering services bring style, spectacle, and superb servings to your wedding. Our hog roast is a must for every occasion, cooking in the traditional style of authentic spit roasting to imbue your wedding dining with a fabulous display of culinary brilliance and the best tasting roast you’ve ever eaten.

Of course the star of the wedding is you and your bride or groom, but our whole roasted is likely to steal the limelight briefly come dinner time (but don’t worry, we’ll hand it back to you afterwards once everyone is well stuffed with great food). Joining our roast, or as an alternative option, are whole range of incredible foods, from great meaty and veggie roasts, to fresh salads, potatoes every which way, artisanal breads, gourmet style barbecued foods, and creamy, savoury, and chocolatey desserts. It’s an all out feast for your wedding with Hog Roast Gretna Green, so come check our menus below and design your special day today: