Hog Roast Castle Douglas

Hog Roast Castle DouglasCastle Douglas is already nominally a “food town”, so where else would a fine meats caterer like ourselves want to be than in Castle Douglas to bring high class dining to your most prized events! Hog Roast Castle Douglas brings the best in catering to your most special occasions in Dumfries and Galloway by providing a truly unique dining experience that adds style, spectacle, flair, and great tastes to the day.

Hog Roast Castle Douglas is proud to be apart from the crowd with our novel speciality for hog roast dining. By blending traditional and modern slow roasting methods we have refined a perfect dining experience quite like no other on the market. Delight in the more traditional aesthetic of our renowned hog roasting machine as it blazes away in a sizzling spectacle of culinary brilliance, bringing your special hog roast to an absolute perfection of taste and texture in doing so. This is event dining the way it is was intended to be with an event in the kitchen and on the plate!

Delicious Dining In Castle Douglas 

Hog Roast Castle DouglasWe know that Castle Douglas has traditionally been an immense producer of many local foods and drinks, and so with a team like Castle Douglas who cherish such local brilliance we would be remiss not to tap into that produce and history. Throughout our menu you’ll find that many of our meats and foods are locally sourced from top end vendors through a rigorous process that ensures we only take the best, most freshest foods available. We cook fresh too at your event to ensure even better quality in every bite. It’s important to us to both support local business and to get the very best in every single one of our dishes, so you might well call it a perfect match!

Accompanying our special hog roast are many other meat, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes to fill out a full, colourful feast satisfying to your exact demands. Our bespoke catering services can cover every type of event. You name it: weddings, corporate functions, private parties, village festivals and beyond! If there is a need for good dining and good company then Hog Roast Castle Douglas is there!

Get calling the team at Hog Roast Castle Douglas today and let’s talk all things catering now!