Hog Roast Irvine

Hog Roast IrvineOnce the home to the famous poet Robert Burns, Hog Roast Irvine are serving up plenty to wax lyrical about to events in the town of Irvine and the North Ayrshire area. Hog Roast Irvine is changing up the catering game with our selection of deliverable roast foods, meats, and our speciality premium hog roast too! We’ve blended traditionality with modern brilliance to craft the perfect hog roast infused with exceptional textures, spicing and flavours. For us, the hog roast is the perfect accompaniment to any event as it fits quality to high volume too, so for your weddings, corporate functions, birthday’s, private dinner parties, fundraisers, church events, festivals and more get calling to Hog Roast Irvine today!

Burns might have been poeticising on the magic of witches and ghouls in “Tam o’ Shanter”, but where he to see the work of our Hog Master Pro and Titan hog roast machines he might have been writing about a different type of “magic”. Together with the simplicity of old medieval fire pit cooking and the ingenuity of modern tech, our hog roast brings versatility, efficiency and simple great taste to every occasion.

Bespoke Dining In Irvine

Hog Roast IrvineWith our hog roast events are assured to give guests an experience quite like no other. Since we cook and prep everything fresh on site at your event, they’ll be able to marvel at the authentic spectacle of our hog roast, taking in all of its fiery brilliance and delicious aroma. That alone might be enough to satisfy an event, but of course the best part is then getting to actually dine out from this perfect whole roasted pig too! Crisp roast texturing, tender meatiness, and immense flavouring and juiciness – that’s what you get with a Hog Roast Irvine roast!

Hog Roast Irvine also ensures there is something for everyone at our events. Our hog roast comes highly recommended both from us and all our past guests, but there is also so much more to get excited from our extensive range of complementing sides, salads, meaty mains, vegan platters, veggie varieties and gluten-free subs. We’ll work close with you to find the perfect servings suited to your event and budget!

Dine in style with Hog Roast Irvine by calling our friendly and expert team today!