Hog Roast Kidsdale

Hog Roast KidsdaleMake your next event dining experience match the occasion with the stylish, traditional roast servings of Hog Roast Kidsdale. For Kidsdale we have the means to turn your event catered experience into something well beyond your usual standard catered affair; our incredible speciality hog roast is a delicious necessity fit to serve any occasion as it delivers a stylish spectacle complete with the lavish tastes and textures to match.

Delivering high quality in high volume, the classic hog roast of our name is a dish made for the cut and thrust of event dining! Our traditional style of spit roast cooking makes for an exuberant display of fiery delight at your event as well as packing in tonnes of flavour to your roast. It is simply the best way to enjoy any roast as its long slow cook and dazzling style brings out the best in your event and our foods.

Whether you’re planning an upcoming wedding, birthday, anniversary dinner, corporate function, or more, then Hog Roast Kidsdale is the place to turn to today! Our team are well versed in all thing’s food and catering. After well over twenty years in this business we’re well used to the demands of any type of event. We’ve got specialised for them all. Plus, we’ll always keep what we do flexible to your particular aesthetic to really give you an event that you can happily call yours! Never stump for stock event dining ever again; make every event count with the style and brilliance of Hog Roast Kidsdale instead!

Bespoke Event Catering In Kidsdale

Hog Roast Kidsdale With Hog Roast Kidsdale your event is made your way. Our bespoke dining packages allow you to craft the catered experience to match your event. You can pick from a huge range of quality foods and menu styles, along with the serving styles that will most suit your event. From barbecue ranges, our classic roasts, fresh platters and vibrant salads, creamy and chocolatey desserts all served in a variety of styles from informal to formal, your event is made stylishly in your name.

So, get calling our friendly and approachable team today and find out how Hog Roast Kidsdale will serve you at events in Kidsdale this year!