Hog Roast Maybole

Hog Roast MayboleJust out of view of Glasgow sits the quiet and historic town of Maybole, and while some may still think you need head north to the big city for your thrills, here at Hog Roast Maybole we know that the most lavish events are right here in Maybole. Why? Because these events are the ones that have the fine roast dining and stylish catering service of Hog Roast Maybole of course!

Our specialist catering services are refined to make the most of your event, serving up a unique and brilliant dining experience of the very best roasted meats and foods around. For wedding dining, corporate events, and even your private parties with friends and family Hog Roast Maybole have an exceptional dining service assured to bring the very best out of the day. With our foods and your event we can make an experience for guests that will be remembered for some time to come!

Style, quality, quantity, spectacle, and of course deliciousness – this is what you want in an event catering experience. Our hog roast speciality provides all that and then some. The hog roast has been a part of celebrations and events around the world for centuries because it has been able to bring all of this quality in vast quantity, so why not have the same for your event in Maybole?

Magnificent Mains In Maybole

Hog Roast MayboleHog Roast Maybole is here to create the event dining experience of your dreams. While our freshly made hog roast is more than up to the task alone, Hog Roast Maybole also provides plenty of other options for your dining pleasure. Try our many veggie and vegan alternatives to our namesake roast, or enjoy a gourmet barbecue with quality, homemade versions of all your classic BBQ favourites, or take a taste from the Mediterranean with our al fresco menus for your sunny outdoor events. With many differing accompaniments you can create a menu that you crave. Our services also come in a vast range to suit the style of your event too. Buffets, outdoor services, silver service formal dining, set menus and more!

However you want it Hog Roast Maybole will provide it – so call today!