Hog Roast Moniaive

Hog Roast MoniaiveHog Roast Moniaive is a unique event caterer with an aptitude for stylish hog roast cooking done in the authentic manner to create a wondrous spectacle and a stylish aesthetic for your events in Moniaive. Our goal with event catering is to create novel dining experiences that really help to make an event an event. We approach dining unlike any others in the industry, looking to use it as a delicious supplement to your day that can raise the occasion beyond just putting a meal on the table.

We do this by providing a type of dining that is rarely seen elsewhere: the hog roast. The hog roast is a dish ready made for event dining – in fact it has been used so for centuries across multiple cultures all over the globe. Its high quantity of quality food and its stylish cooking style makes it an all-in-one package of tastiness and entertainment for all of your guests to enjoy. This is so much more than just dining; it is event dining!

Hog Roast Moniaive can provide this special catered service to a range of events, of varying sizes, styles, and occasions. Weddings, corporate functions, private dining at anniversaries and birthdays, social and sport team nights, staff events – whatever the occasion if there is a need for great food to great company then Hog Roast Moniaive are there!

Magnificent Mains In Moniaive

Hog Roast MoniaiveHog Roast Moniaive believe in quality and flexibility all throughout our service. Our service begins early as we arrive on site before your event to get cooking, giving the hog roast enough time to cook to its perfect tender and crisp texture. In the meantime our incredible chefs will also prepare all of our other wonderful mains, starters and sides fresh on site too so that every dish is at its maximum deliciousness. The proof is in every bite!

For our menus we can serve in a variety of styles too, ranging from the informal to the formal. Indoor or outdoor dining, classic roasts or gourmet barbecues, canapes and drinks services, buffet or set-dining – whatever your tastes we have it!

So again, if you’re looking for quality foods catered at an affordable price then give us at Hog Roast Moniaive a call today and start planning your next event!