Hog Roast Portpatrick

Hog Roast PortpatrickPortpatrick is a novel village quite like no other, which is why when it comes to events here you need an event dining experience quite like no other too with Hog Roast Portpatrick.

Serving events right through Galloway, Hog Roast Portpatrick caters unique dining experiences for guests with our specialism in authentic hog roasting. This traditional pork dish has been a mainstay of events and celebration for centuries. It has been favoured for its incredible culinary spectacle as it cooks atop a spit or over a bed of flames over hours, slowly turning and roasting in all that time until it is a perfect golden hue with delicious crisp texturing and tender meatiness. Now with our very own modern update to this culinary classic it is even better than before.

We have modern roasting machines that recreate the authentic experience of proper hog roasting without the difficulties of a setting up a whole spit. Instead, our state-of-the-art machines are self-contained and mobile meaning we can easily set up and clean up at events all throughout Galloway and Portpatrick. With our specialist service you can host an immense dinner at your event and give guests a truly unique experience that they’ll most certainly enjoy.

Better Bites In Portpatrick

Hog Roast PortpatrickDo not hesitate to call us for your events in Portpatrick, whatever the occasion. We’re happy and ready to accommodate all – weddings, corporate functions, birthday’s, dinner parties, community celebrations, we’ll work flexible to your needs and budget.

That goes for our menus and services too. Beyond hog roasting Hog Roast Portpatrick offers a variety of dining services and menus to suit any taste and occasion. You can enjoy a selection of roasts to choose from, both British inspired or even of the American South with more smoky and spicy flavours. Or how about a barbecue, or al fresco menus with the tastes of the Mediterranean brought lovingly to you in Portpatrick. At Hog Roast Portpatrick we are sure that we can find the right menu to satisfy your cravings and a service style to bring the best out of your event. Whether that means an outdoor service, a buffet, a formal set menu, or canapes around a cocktail party, we will be able to serve.

So, for the best way to dine at events in Portpatrick call Hog Roast Portpatrick today!