Hog Roast Turnberry

Hog Roast TurnberryIf you’ve come out to Turnberry then chances are you’ve come out to use the world-famous golf courses. You may well be making use of the famed hotel grounds too for a party or an event, in which case you’ll need the fine dining of Hog Roast Turnberry’s roast catering.

Hitting the links is hungry work, so you’ll want to come back to a large banquet of your favourite roast foods to replenish your energy. Thankfully, with Hog Roast Turnberry, you can! Our unique speciality in authentic hog roast dining will give your event in Turnberry a bevy of delicious roast foods to accompany our prize namesake roast. You may have hit a birdie or an eagle out on the course, but here you’re getting a hog!

The tradition of hog roasting for events dates back centuries, but its brilliance is even better now than ever before with the modern design of our mobile roasting units. We’ve brought modern thinking to the traditional fire pit roast by packaging this once favoured way to dine into one easy, versatile, and efficient mobile package. Our hog roasting machines preserve the traditional spectacle of hog roasting while making it an ideal and easy option for event catering at any location. For your event you’ll be treated to the most novel and brilliant display of proper hog roast cooking by our expert chefs even before being treated to the unbelievably tasty meal it provides. There’s no better way to dine than with Hog Roast Turnberry.

Hog Roast TurnberryTop Quality Catering In Turnberry

At Hog Roast Turnberry we want guests to experience a truly magnificent dining experience that blows every expectation of event catering they may have. Our hog roast alone is certainly capable of doing that, as it provides unique style and spectacle to the day, but our services would mean little without the capacity to customise and refine from a range of menus. With Hog Roast Turnberry you’ll find a variety of dining styles to fit your event along with the quality foods to match. Formal and informal affairs, barbecue dining or roast buffets – it is all available with Hog Roast Turnberry’s top end dining!

So why wait? Your next hole in one is just a call away with Hog Roast Turnberry today!