Hog Roast Whauphill

Hog Roast WhauphillHog Roast Whauphill is the one stop caterer for all your event dining needs in Whauphill. With a fine selection of meats and sides, and a speciality in exquisite slow-roasted pork’s, Hog Roast Whauphill are doing catering quite like no one else in the business.

With a special blend of traditionalism and new Hog Roast Whauphill have created a unique and stylish event catered experience that extends beyond just what foods we put on the table. For your events we put on quite the show with our freshly made hog roast slow cooked throughout the day in a fine display of authentic hog roasting. The hog roast has been favoured at events for centuries for its spectacular cooking style which provides entertainment of its own, and of course for its incredible tastes produced in a high quantity.

Authentic hog roasting is harder to come by these days because of its particular method, but with our own designed mobile hog roasters we at Hog Roast Whauphill are able to recreate and serve an authentic hog roast experience for your events. It’ll look magnificent cooking over hours during your event, and it’ll taste even better come dinner time!

Our foods are assured to be the talk of any event, no matter the style or scope of the occasion. Weddings, corporate affairs, meetings, anniversaries, birthdays, dinner parties or more; we’re more than capable of providing our unique services for them all. And, what’s more, we try not to block anyone out from our brilliant roast tastes which is why we strive for affordable and flexible pricing without limiting on quality.

Bespoke Dining In Whauphill

Hog Roast WhauphillWith a huge range of quality menu options served in a variety of styles there are so many ways to enjoy your dining experience with Hog Roast Whauphill. We can cater to any need with our alternative meats, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free foods. You can enjoy these in a gourmet style barbecue, an all-out roast buffet, a van style roll and filling serve, formal or informal set-menu dining, or however else you envision your perfect dining experience with us!

So, don’t wait for tomorrow, give Hog Roast Whauphill a call today and bring a stylish way to dine to your next event in Whauphill!